Watch Siblings Wake Up Exhausted German Shepherd Puppy Dog Who Fell Asleep In Water Bowl!


Avenger is just wiped out from a fun playful day of being a puppy. And when he goes in for a quick sip of water? That’s when his brain says “it’s time to sleep!” And down he goes!

It’s amazing how he doesn’t seem to mind the fact that he’s getting sopping wet. Thank goodness his owner was filming this precious moment and shared it with the world to see. It’s far too cute to keep to yourself.

Thank goodness his adorable German Shepherd puppy siblings came in to wake him up. The poor thing might have drowned! But nonetheless, it was truly precious to watch. Please share if you think so too!


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  1. I think it just was sleepy. Mine did tht. It was only 30 secs, what do you expect? Do you jump up and go running around the secound you open your eyes?

  2. No worries! This pup is VERY typical. The GSD puppies LOVE their water bowls.
    No way they will “drown” in two inches of water but they do want their feet in the water or to turn the bowl over and lay in the puddle. Double coated dogs love cool water. Adorable~