Watch Siblings Wake Up Exhausted German Shepherd Puppy Dog Who Fell Asleep In Water Bowl!

Sleepy German Shepherd Puppy

Who doesn’t love a puppy dog? No one. That’s who. And if they don’t – they must be missing a piece of their soul because honestly – what’s not to love? This German Shepherd puppy dog video you’re about to watch on the Next Page is going to make you swoon! 

Puppies, just like human babies, basically do three things throughout the day. Eat, play and sleep. And all that eating and playing leaves babies – human and furry ones – truly exhausted. I wish I could have a life like that!

And just like human babies – puppies can generally fall asleep at any place at any time. When they run out of energy, they’ve just got to take a nap for a while so they can go back to all that eating and playing! 

Well, this is a 5-week old German Shepherd puppy named Avenger and he’s clearly had a very busy and exhausting day. And when his battery finally runs out? He can’t help but fall asleep right in the middle of drinking his water! You’ve just got to see this hilarious German Shepherd puppy as he seems to just collapse in his water bowl. It’s going to make your day – we guarantee it!

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Can’t help wondering if that puppy is ill instead of just tired.

Andy Mullen

Looks a bit dodgy to me. I click to see video & then I’m prompted to click ‘Next Page’. Think I’ll give it a miss….


I think it just was sleepy. Mine did tht. It was only 30 secs, what do you expect? Do you jump up and go running around the secound you open your eyes?


maybe the owner should have rescued it from drowning rather than filming it!


I’ve been breeding dogs for 30 years and they don’t fall asleep in water unless they are sick. Mostly because of worms.


No worries! This pup is VERY typical. The GSD puppies LOVE their water bowls.
No way they will “drown” in two inches of water but they do want their feet in the water or to turn the bowl over and lay in the puddle. Double coated dogs love cool water. Adorable~