Watch Out Dog Parents! This Popular Type Of Dog Toy Has Claimed A Life

dog parents

As pet and dog parents, we take the health and safety of our fur babies very seriously. It is up to us to provide them with a safe environment that is free from dangerous objects and toxins. If not — it could be fatal.

More and more dog parents are starting to examine our pet’s food more closely and giving the ingredient list a thorough read-through. But when it comes to toys, many of us don’t think twice about the toys sold in pet stores.

We assume that if they’ve hit the shelves in a popular pet store chain that they’ve been tested and proven to be safe for our beloved pets. As dog parents, we never want to assume that there’s a possibility something horrible could happen.

Tragically, one family had to go through something horrible that is now bringing awareness to other pet owners across the country. We are so completely saddened by this loss but it’s a story that needs to be shared.

The late dog’s name was Maximus and he belonged to Jamie Stumpf. Maximus was playing with a normal, common dog toy and Jamie thought nothing of it, his dog had played with it many times before without issue.

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Maximus was playing with a toy that all dog parents have probably seen before. But sadly — this common dog toy took the life of this sweet boy and has left his owner, Jamie, completely devastated.

The toy that Maximus was playing with was a ball with one hole at the end, usually for treats. Please be aware that this toy only has one hole at the end, unlike Kong toys which have holes at both ends.

Sometimes the hole is smaller and is used to making a squeaking sound after being compressed and the toy refills with air. They make funny sounds that entertain the dog and also feels good to chew on.

dog parents

But this simple contraption could be seriously dangerous.

Maximus’s pictures were too graphic to show here. The poor dog’s tongue had ended up sealing the air hole of the toy; the suction from air returning into the toy caused his tongue to get sucked up into the hole and swollen.

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Dog parents — please extra diligent in checking all the dog and pet toys in your home for these types of dangerous designs. It could save your dog’s life.

Sadly, for Maximus, his tongue had been trapped and swollen for so long that it ended up suffocating the poor boy and he passed away. What’s even worse — Maximus isn’t the only dog to end up in this predicament but luckily, they were able to see a vet in time.

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dog parents


Source: WeLoveAnimals

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