There’s A Big Dog In This Photo — Can You Spot It?


Don’t you love a good optical illusion? When your perception of what’s really going on in a photo is completely off? It’s a real brain teaser and sometimes it’s hard to wrap your head around what you’re really looking at — like this photo you’re about to see.

This picture has been circulating the internet and it’s driving people absolutely crazy! There’s a hidden dog in the picture, a big dog too — but it’s nearly invisible in this seemingly simple picture.

Here is the photo in question. It’s a normal, mundane picture of someone’s kitchen. Nothing out of the ordinary, right?


But was there a dog in that photo? I certainly didn’t see one. If you can’t see one either, that’s okay — we’ll help you find it!

Continue to the next page for more of this crazy optical illusion. You’re going to be rubbing your eyes in disbelief.

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