She Starts Filming Her Puppy On The Dock Captures Puppy’s MAGICAL Reaction!

Goldie puppy

I absolutely LOVE working for The Wagging Dog – you know why? Because I get to watch incredible and adorable puppy videos like the one you’re about to see – and let me tell you – this one is THE BEST!

Just like human parents, pet parents love to break out the video camera (or phone camera!) and record their pets doing anything and everything. And it’s pretty much always cute, I mean, who doesn’t love watching animals play all day?

After seeing hundreds (literally hundreds!) of cute puppies doing cute things – I have to say – I think this one might be my absolute favorite. I can almost guarantee that you’ll feel the same way after you watch it.

The little Golden Retriever puppy in the video on the next page is named Boomer and ever since I watched this – I can’t stop thinking about him! Did you know that the AKC named Goldies the 3rd most popular breed in the U.S.? After watching this – you’ll know why!

Continue to the next page to watch this incredibly cute and fluffy puppy melt your heart. He’s just a few weeks old and is stealing hearts around the world!

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