Search Dog Runs Away Everyday. They Followed Him & Were SHOCKED


A pup named Saki was in training to become a search dog. However, there’s a slight glitch. Everyday, he would sneak out and go somewhere! As it turns out, he went to the neighbor’s to meet Danny!

Danny, an adorable baby boy, was diagnosed with developmental delays. Danny, for a time, could only speak in fragmented sentences, his motor skills were way off and he struggled with basic actions.

When this sort of injustice of nature swerves into a family’s lane, it’s quite understandable that the parents would panic. That such a disability would ultimately blacken their experience and sour their mood. T

his was not the case with Danny. Dixie, the bearer of bad news and Danny’s mom, a kind woman who already had adopted two children did not mind the turmoil.

Turn to the next page to see a search dog in training runaway everyday to meet up with his best friend. Would he get his happy ending?

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I would definitely say Saki did her job very well.


What an awesome story!