Puppy TOTALLY Approves Of Mom’s Pregnancy — SO Adorable!

puppy pregnancy

A growing family is always such a wonderful and beautiful thing. It truly is what makes this life worth living. Whether you’re adding a furry family member, like a puppy, or an actual human one – both are amazing. 

The tough thing is – convincing siblings that they’re about to be a big brother or sister and having them be on board with it. Sometimes they want to be the only ones getting attention!

I know when I was told that I was going to have a baby brother when I was 4-years old, I was NOT happy about it. I was thinking “wait! You want another kid besides ME?!” There’s no reasoning with a 4- year old.

The same can go for dogs and puppies right? A new baby comes in the picture and all of the sudden – they aren’t the cutest “kid” in the household!

The video on the next page shows a mom explaining to her puppy that there’s going to be a new baby in the house. The puppy’s reaction is absolutely the cutest thing you’ve ever seen!