Funny Dog Engages In Conversation With Little Girl! Must-See.


If you’ve deciphered what this funny dog is talking about with his owner, please let us know. We are very interested to find out what they are brooding over together.

It’s a very short video so make sure to watch till the end. It’s one of those pieces of media that only gets funnier the longer you watch. It’s absolutely pure gold, if you ask me!

Watch the video below and see a funny dog engage in a conversation with a little girl. It’s not only fun, it also goes to show just how amazing addition dogs are into a household 🙂

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  1. I recently saw a TV program about prairie dogs having a sophisticated language of their own … and the brains to develop it, just like we add new words and phrases, eg as technology develops, so they also can accommodate new things and new concepts. For example, when they encounter a new object in their environment they describe it in terms of things they already know so that different prairie dogs when a triangular shaped object was put in their environment all conveyed its presence to another prairie dog using a similar sound, and then when when a new circular shape was put there they all used another common sound. And They used movements as ‘words.’ So what looks to us like they are just ‘jumping around’ or ‘bobbing up and down’ are behavioural descriptions … eg “predator coming from a south westerly direction ” danced out as silent communication!