After Finding A Puppy Covered In Pieces Of Cactus, Woman Realizes It Wasn’t A Dog At All


After leaving her home one morning, Gwen Maxwell spotted an injured animal running across the street to a golf course. It was a small puppy that was covered in chunks of cholla cacti. The 85-year-old retired teacher immediately knew she had to help.

“He’d get up and tumble around with all those chollas on him, and it was just so heartbreaking,” she told

As Maxwell walked closer to the little animal, she realized that it was definitely a pup…it just wasn’t a dog. It was a small coyote pup that had cacti stuck in his back, legs, head, and belly.

Maxwell ran to a neighbor’s home for help rescuing this poor baby. They ended up calling two workers from the golf course to team together in pulling the painful, spiky plants from the coyote’s body.

It wasn’t long before Maxwell noticed that the pup’s mother was keeping a watchful eye from across the lawn. “She kept coming back and holding a vigil in my backyard,” Maxwell recalled.

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