Mom Gifts College-Bound Kid Cardboard Cut-Out Of Beloved Pet Dog


A lucky 19-year-old college bound student receives a cut out of his beloved pet dog. The surprise comes after his mom realized how sad he’s going to be without his four-legged buddy.

Jake Ostrowski was about to embark on a journey. He was starting the transition that everyone, sooner or later, must travel.

He was leaving his childhood home and making his way into the future.

Jake was packing his stuff. His prized possessions neatly tucked into crates; dreaming of his college and the wonderful days to come.

Still, despite the promise of fun, academia and maturity knocking on his doorstep, Jake was having a hard time letting go of his one true love; his constant companion, a delightful Golden Retriever, Jesse.

“I love my dog,” Jake told BuzzFeed News. “I’ve been really sad because I’ve got to leave him to go to college.”

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