Mom Asks 2 Dogs Who Pooped. Watch Dog On The Left — HILARIOUS!


Mom finds poop in the kitchen and asked her 2 dogs which of them dropped the deuce. In prison, they are called snitches, rats, tattletales, informers; they will point at you and call you out to the warden at the drop of a hat.

No sooner had mom asked for a suspect that they will kick you in the butt and push you on the rails in front of the train.

Judy is a Terrier from down under; a cute little pooch from Koala land. This nice, tiny puppy from Australia will rat you out without any qualms. Of the 2 dogs, she is the sly one.

A crime had been committed inside Judy’s home. Someone, a vile criminal no doubt, had done a smelly deed inside the kitchen. Someone had to pay for the vicious afrontary.

Go to the next page to see cute Judy rat out her sibling for pooping in the kitchen. You never know, Judy might be a really smart dog who conveniently blamed her sibling for the mess she made the kitchen.

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